Saturday, June 01, 2013

MC2 Post 1606 Forgetting Passwords -- Take a Pill for Authentication

Motorola is Creating a Tattoo and  Pill 

for Password Authentication

The easier a password is to remember, the easier it is to hack; but that still doesn’t stop most of us from creating simple passwords. In an effort to eliminate the number of passwords people need to remember, a number of sites now accept Facebook credentials, and Amazon has announced a similar service.


Motorola wants to take it a step further by turning people into their own two-step authentication — eliminating the manual log-in process.  At the D11 conference this week, Regina Dugan, head of advanced research at Motorola, announced that her team is currently working on creating a digital tattoo and pill that will automatically log users into their accounts.


And take a Pill for Passwords Too...

The digital pill Dugan announced will be taken once a day and will utilize stomach acid and electrolytes for power. Once powered up, it will send a signal through the body that will work as automatic authentication for users to log into apps, websites, and more. Google owns Motorola, so it is feasible that the technology will be useful for logging into the numerous services offered by the company.


Blender accepted into 2013 Google 
Summer of Code!

Posted on May 29, 2013 by Community Reporter

No less than 15 Blender projects were accepted into 

this year’s Google Summer of  Code!

CGEffex writes:


    Once again, Blender has been accepted into Google’s summer of code program, and has received 15 project slots! With such features as Cycles volume rendering, deformation motion blur, and some new shader nodes, as well as improvements in the VSE, motion tracker, rigid body simulator, paint tools, dependency graph, and the BGE (woot woot, game devs!), this is sure to be another awesome summer!



As some of you might know I've been teaching myself Blender, 
but I'm no where near the 
"Skill-Level"  of these Young Blood Coders. 

I applaud these young-uns and wish each and 
every one them the best of  Luck.

Wingman, a mere hacker.





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