Thursday, March 03, 2011

MC2 Post 962 So You Thought 15 Million sold in 2010 Was a Good Number?

Wingman: "I Guess all the pundits pooh-poohing Apple's latest offering: iPad 2, forgot about the "fanboys" just clogging the Pipelines..."



iPad Owners Rush to Dump Old Tablets 
for New Model

Gadget buy-back company Gazelle says trade-in surge bodes well for Apple.

"It was a perfect storm, in part because of the short time between the announcement and availability," said Kristina Kennedy, Gazelle's director of brand and communications, of the trade-in surge Wednesday.

"This as a very good indicator that Apple will sell a lot of iPad 2s."

Wednesday's action on the iPad set a record for the company, with more consumers selling their now-old tablets in an hour than did iPhone owners last summer when Apple launched the iPhone 4.

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