Monday, October 25, 2010

MC2 Post 826 The 8086 Chip Began in 1978

Android PIX

TGDaily Story: Is The PC dying a slow, 
horrible death?

You Can File This Article NEXT To the 
Wired Magazine September 2010 Cover Story:

The Web is dead.  

Lots of Chuckles There Too.

What Did Twain (Who's Auto-Bio Will Be Out Soon), 

Have To Say About That?

First out of the Chute at a Chunky 190 Characters that could easily be TRIMMED to 26 Characters, Like This:

My Take On It All? 

Perspective is Good, Just Don't Get Fooled 

by Impressionists. 

Try To Get The Whole Picture.


As  for the Girlie-Bot Picture?  
I Like Androids...

Wingman, Talking.



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