Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gene Roddenberry was right: Space, the Final Frontier.

Above you see a typical Web Page. At least, what it is today: WEB 2.0 and counting.

It sort of reminds me of a routine that George Carlin would do about "Living in A Box within a Box".

Here, we'll call it a Waste of Space within the Browser.

The Most Important Part of a Web Page is the Content.
(The Main reason Twitter is so popular is Because it's "Just Content"--No Fluff)

The Problem with The Current State of the Web Page is that it has become a Blog Page.

Which means it gets filtered by the Idea that One Bag Fits All.

And in so doing the Content (which is King Remember) gets cluttered up with Designer Foolery Like Over-Dominant Headers, Footers and the meaningless Blank Space on the Sides for who knows what.

Here's the same page with the Blog Non-Sense taken out. Big Difference , huh.

So why do we put up with this non-sense?

To Please the Blogger Gods???

That's my 2 cents, what's yours?

Wingman, Stuck in A Blog.


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