Sunday, February 24, 2008

BLOG: A Pocket Full of Miracles-MP3 Players

I purchased for My Wife for Valentine's Day an MP3 player.

The Creative 2GB Zen Stone Plus pictured here. About the size of a fat thumb. I installed 150 of her favorite songs and the audiobook "Pillars of the Earth". (40 plus hours of listening for the book).

Long time readers of my posts, on my many Blogs, have often heard me criticize the Apple iPod.

I have repeated said: "No One needs to carry around with him 15, 000 of his or her 'favorite' songs."

Okay, the Great Composers maybe, but for us ordinary music lovers that ability is simply overkill.

Especially at .99 cents each that would cost "roughly" 15,000 dollars! (The sound you hear is Apple smiling with lots of coin jingling in their pockets, all the way to the Bank).

On that pointy point of accounting I remain steadfast.

But recently a deluge of moderately priced mp3 players have hit the market that Apple created.

An iPod is really just an MP3 Player, that Apple has cleverly marketed as "A Simply Delicious Fanboy must have". But now low-price changes the "playing field" (pun intended).

And Add to this must-take-along mix, audio books by and a new form MEDIA player takes shape.

Remember the often forgotten tenet of the WWW is "Content is King".

And yes, the latest iPods are still doing nicely, an advertised Sale on Frys Friday AD boast a mind-boggling 160 GB (hard drive) of storage, enough to hold 40,000 songs. I dare say some of your least favorite songs might be able to sneak in there. It sells for $349.00 on sale!

The lower priced mp3 players, (read: Non-Apple and well under $100), of 1 to 8 GB of flash memory storage work quite nicely than you.

The 2 GB Creative Zen Stone player pictured above, holds over 200 mp3 songs and two audio books, with room for a third to be added shortly, (most likely the recent Best Seller: Einstein).

That really IS a pocketful of miracles.

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