Sunday, February 25, 2007

Korean Zombies with German Accents!!!

Last Tuesday, 3 of the Top 13 DNS (Domain Name Servers) were attacked by Korean Zombies (DoS) Denial of Service robots (unmanned--code devices, also known as: Zombies). The Zombies were traced back to Germany (but they probably came from somewhere else--maybe China. Who Knows?). One of the three DNS sites attacked was almost completely shut down, but as far as the WEB was concerned, nobody noticed.

That was the scary part.

No payoff. No notoriety. So what was the point?

My thinking is: Proof of Concept. Testing the delivery system.

The Real Site will be Elsewhere.

Call me paranoid, but when some experts tell us that 1/3 of the web is infested with robots/spiders or zombies following orders, it's time to worry...

Particularly when Other Experts tell us, That 1/3 number IS TOO LOW.

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