Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I AM "the Person of The Year..."

I knew All-my-blogging would lead to something, I (okay, WE) made it to the cover of Time magazine as the "Person Of The Year".

Yeah, right. According to John C. Dvorak (on Leo Laporte's TWIT Podcast), it WAS a cop-out.

I agree. YouTube would have been a better choice.

I beat Time-Mag to the punch with my Post on Media Circus2 webpage: I Blog, therefore I AM. (the real importance of having an online identity.

I also came up with music videos back in the sixties, but that is another story.

More will be coming on the significance of the TIME piece.

The TWIT's also related the release of IPHONE.

Picture at right.

It's been released, BUT Not by Apple. It from Linksys. Legal battle, anyone???

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