Monday, September 04, 2006

The Tube Choosers

TV just took a hard left and ran into the WEB.

The Network Suits are frantic to Webify their CONTENT. Old USA network showed them how harness the audience of web-surfers that want to vent about their favs. Even the likes of movie drivel like "Snakes on Planes", showed how Web Buzz can make something out of nothing.

Give Apple a nod here. They showed that a market exists for the 99 cent Store.

For $1.99 you can download an episode of "Lost". And even PBS's Charlie Rose has Program Videocasts that are downloadable. Free, of course. It is PBS.

The Big Frog in this Dippy pond is YouTUBE, which was nothing until Bill the star-maker, mentioned them in that fateful article in the WSJ. That unsolicited annointment brought channel surfing to the mass audience of Looky-Lous.

And coming to a cell-phone real soon.

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