Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Magazine Partially Loaded

The English Publication "Linux Format" has been my favorite magazine since I discovered it 5, maybe 6 years ago. On top of the excellent articles on "Things Linux" it came with a CD or DVD of Linux Software.
I've always been a fan of this method of "playing with the system software". I began using monthly magazine software since the days of Tandy's (Radio Shack) Color Computer, when I was receiving a monthly CASSETTE called "Chromasette". Linux Format has dutifully produced a CD version and a DVD version for the last few years, and always wanting more for my money, I usually grabbed the DVD-version at my local B&N bookstore. Sometimes, being in too much a hurry, or for smaller Boot Distros, I'd get the CD-version. I did this this month and grabbed the CD-version by mistake.

The CD does hold a lot, compared to the 60-minute cassette that came for the COCO, but a DVD holds tons more.

Well, it turns out that the June Issue of LFX will be the Last One to come with a CD-version. The End of an Era.

I've been forced to migrate, because of technology, from cassette to CD to DVD.

I also upgraded my storage from 80 gig to 160 gig, trying to stay ahead of the curve.

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