Thursday, May 25, 2006

Apple Dumplings

The iPod Tail that wags the Apple dog chronicles:

Taking another step into boutiquedom, Apple has open a store in NY that operates 24/7. So, if you have the Urge (please resist...) to buy an IPOD in the A.M., the store will be waiting.

I believe I've mentioned in previous posts the trouble in finding a eBook battery in these places of dubious value, the IPOD Boutique (use to be known as the Apple Store).

No one needs a device that stores 15,000 of your favorite songs to carry along with you. Especially at .99 cents a pop. That's 15,000 dollars of music in a $400 plus device. Do The Math.

Okay, I must admit that most of the owners of the 50 million such devices apple has sold in 4 1/2 years has 15,000 songs in them. Some may be pirated.... Yeah, even on the Apple of your Ear.

The Nike tie-in with IPOD Nano, technolgically speaking, seems more practical.

Would I take an IPOD as a Gift?

Sure, I just read how you can install Yellow Dog Linux on it... Link is HERE !

But hey, now you can also Watch "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives" on your IPOD.

Talk about being lost and desperate.

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