Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thumbs UP! to Samsung...

Samsung Electronics announced that it is making the driver source code for its OneNAND open to Linux/Open Source community designers.

“Open source code has become one of the main forces driving the accelerated pace at which consumers are embracing mobility, so our decision to make OneNAND available for open designs should be very well-received,” said Jon Kang, senior vice president of technical marketing at Samsung Semiconductor.

Samsung claims its move should allow designers of consumer electronics goods to quickly incorporate OneNAND's operational instructions into products.

OneNAND's fusion architecture features a single-level-cell (SLC) NAND core with SRAM and logic elements to emulate a NOR Flash interface. OneNAND provides a sustained data “read” speed of 108 MB/s, which is four times faster than conventional NAND Flash memory, and a “write” speed of 10 MB/s, which is more than 60 times faster than multi-level-cell (MLC) NOR Flash memory, according to Samsung.

Open Source is Changing the Way Corporate Thinking relates to Code
as a
Share-able commodity.

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