Monday, October 21, 2013

MC2 Post 1722 Taking the Cover Off Apple's October 22nd Event

What you can expect


Apple's iPhone event last month was undoubtedly crucial for the company, but it left quite a few would-be customers wanting more. Much of Cupertino's product lineup is practically begging for an update. There haven't been new iPads in a year; both OS X Mavericks and the Mac Pro redesign have yet to ship; and two Mac lines are still stuck on last year's CPUs. As such, Apple likely isn't being hyperbolic when it claims that it has "a lot to cover" at its October 22nd event.



NVIDIA G-Sync Eyes-On Shows 
Slave Gaming Monitor in Action

This week the folks at NVIDIA have done a demonstration of G-Sync with the G-Sync Module, their newest in graphics technology to drive forward the universe of gaming graphics. Here we’re seeing a G-Sync-equipped ASUS monitor next to a unit without, the both of them running the same technology otherwise. This piece of hardware – hidden here – is the G-Sync module, turning the monitor into a slave to the graphics processor inside the PC.



Above you’re also seeing the G-Sync Module itself. This module will be sold to hardware manufacturers and implanted in gaming monitors soon – we’ll see who picks up on the next-generation graphics trend.


Advances in mobile chipsets is why Desktops are floundering...


Freescale Unveils First ARM-Based QorIQ SoCs

Freescale Semiconductor announced a new line of Linux-ready, embedded-focused QorIQ system-on-chips based on a new ARM-compatible, core-agnostic Layerscape architecture. The first three QorIQ LS1 SoCs offer dual ARM Cortex-A7 cores clocked at up to 1GHz, and include networking-, display-, and cost-optimized models featuring 2-3 Watts power consumption.

Peripheral and interconnect support for the QorIQ LS1 SoCs include:

    ARM Cache Coherent Interconnect (CCI400)
    ARM AMBA4 MPCore virtualization
    Integrated 16-bit flash controller
    QuadSPI flash controller
    LCD controller (LS1020A only)
    USB 3.0 superspeed controller with integrated PHY, supporting OTG, host and

device modes (LS1020A and LS1021A only)
    USB 2.0 controller supporting OTG, host and device modes
    SD/MMC controller
    SATA3 controller supporting 6G/tps
    3x I2C
    4x CAN
    2x SPI
    10x UARTs





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